Periscope Possibilities in the Classroom

I am hooked on Periscope! The potential for teaching and learning, especially learning, is endless. I have been surfing in Australia, worked out with a personal trainer in Arizona, took a tour of the Palace of Versailles in France, and jumped into a chat with Astronauts about their research while in space. What did I learn? I learned Australia has very different seasons than South Carolina and that I should be sleeping while they are surfing. Ha! But seriously, by viewing Global Periscopes through  an educators eyes, a world of possibilities to connect globally is a tipping point technology for teaching and learning. Yes, it is global and you must plan carefully when using Periscope in the classroom. Teaching always takes thoughtful planning and with a few preparations, this can be an awesome learning tool. Check out my infographic for tips and possibilities for using Periscope in the classroom. As always, feel free to connect with me on Twitter @thewendywells, Periscope @wendywellsedtek or Facebook (Wendy Wells) to assist with your global project planning. Happy Periscoping! Note: Mitch Oates is the Australian Surfing Periscope.

ISTE 2015 in Philly


ISTE 2015 was hosted in Philly this year with over 1000 sessions on utilizing technology in education. My first experience with attending ISTE (formally known as NECC) was the year 2000 in Atlanta Georgia. The history of ISTE/NECC dates back to the first conference being in 1979, hosted in Iowa with only 32 sessions. Can you image? Read more ISTE history to see if you recognize a pattern in the thoughts and trends over the years. Hot trends this year were The Maker Movement, 3D printing, 1:1 initiatives and PBL (Project Based Learning), and my streaming with Periscope. #ISTE2015 #ISTE15 #NotAtISTE15

If you are not familiar with Periscope, it is an app that allows you to stream live events for your Twitter/Periscope followers to view. Tony Vincent allowed me to be a part of his Periscope ventures into the ISTE Poster sessions and then introduced me to Angela Meirs in  the Blogger's Cafe. To learn more about Periscope check out Tony Vincent's blog details here! 

First time ISTE goers are always overwhelmed and in awe of the wealth of information. I still get a little "information overload", but what I like most are the connections you make and meeting educators in your PLN (Professional Learning Network) for the first time F2F. 

Notable Highlights for ISTES 2015

EdTech Products, Developers, Start-ups to Watch!

Certifications & Software Updates/Releases

Periscope Highlights

Watch Tony Vincent's Session live on Periscope! Click this link for Tony's Quick Tips & more "Worth 1,000 Words: Finding and Designing Visuals for Your Projects"

Bloggers Cafe: Meeting Angela Maiers.... Amazing quotes: "Strangers are friends not yet met! Liberating Genius!" #ShoesMatter #YouMatter


#ISTE2015 Poster Session with Tony & me: Shout out to @wkingbg a Kentucky Principal doing innovative things at his High School



#ISTE 2015 Karaoke Winner Arischa Frierson

#ISTE2015 #ISTE15 #NotAtISTE15 "Fun & Learning was had by all! @TheWendyWells"

How can we create a roadmap for educational clarity & societal buy-in?


As I have embraced a journey of teaching, ed-tech business, learning, and sharing about how effective integration of technology can change teaching, student learning and business, my mission and passion are clear. 

It's not about the is about preparing our future leaders (our children) for a career path that we have not even imagined. It is about helping our students, our teachers, and our leaders utilize the digital information in a way that makes them powerful, productive, and knowledgeable to be successful in whatever chosen career that is held.

Educational reform and systematic change are hot buzz words and these things need to happen. We are wasting time and need to see what is happening globally. This system is broken! How can we create a road map for educational clarity? For societal buy-in?

There is a "Digital Convergence" of learning happening that we cannot ignore! I plan to share my insights with parents, teachers, students, business leaders, and governmental policy makers on understanding the "call to action" that needs to happen. 

Digital Learning Quest! Are you ready to take the challenge?

Digital Learning Quest! Are you ready to take the challenge?

The Explico Learning model is a framework for educators to gage where they are within the transformational process of using technolgy to be  the most effective teacher possible. The three tiers are very simple identifiers and provides a guide to