How can we create a roadmap for educational clarity & societal buy-in?


As I have embraced a journey of teaching, ed-tech business, learning, and sharing about how effective integration of technology can change teaching, student learning and business, my mission and passion are clear. 

It's not about the is about preparing our future leaders (our children) for a career path that we have not even imagined. It is about helping our students, our teachers, and our leaders utilize the digital information in a way that makes them powerful, productive, and knowledgeable to be successful in whatever chosen career that is held.

Educational reform and systematic change are hot buzz words and these things need to happen. We are wasting time and need to see what is happening globally. This system is broken! How can we create a road map for educational clarity? For societal buy-in?

There is a "Digital Convergence" of learning happening that we cannot ignore! I plan to share my insights with parents, teachers, students, business leaders, and governmental policy makers on understanding the "call to action" that needs to happen.