Periscope Possibilities in the Classroom

I am hooked on Periscope! The potential for teaching and learning, especially learning, is endless. I have been surfing in Australia, worked out with a personal trainer in Arizona, took a tour of the Palace of Versailles in France, and jumped into a chat with Astronauts about their research while in space. What did I learn? I learned Australia has very different seasons than South Carolina and that I should be sleeping while they are surfing. Ha! But seriously, by viewing Global Periscopes through  an educators eyes, a world of possibilities to connect globally is a tipping point technology for teaching and learning. Yes, it is global and you must plan carefully when using Periscope in the classroom. Teaching always takes thoughtful planning and with a few preparations, this can be an awesome learning tool. Check out my infographic for tips and possibilities for using Periscope in the classroom. As always, feel free to connect with me on Twitter @thewendywells, Periscope @wendywellsedtek or Facebook (Wendy Wells) to assist with your global project planning. Happy Periscoping! Note: Mitch Oates is the Australian Surfing Periscope.