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Wendy Wells has spent the last 20 years creating systematic change by pioneering the way for mobile learning in K-20 education, the business arena, and governmental agencies. Wendy has taught, coached, and facilitated many educators and administrative leaders on effective technology integration to improve teaching and student learning. She can often be found leading world-class professional development groups,  networking with policy makers for educational change or consulting with Edtech start-up companies to help create a “mind-shift” that transforms teaching and learning to an effective digital ecosystem.

My passion and life's work lies in cultivating an innovative approach to incorporating technology solutions for education in order to produce extraordinary results for teaching and learning. 

At scale, I have experience helping adults learn new things and adopt new behaviors; whether we call it professional development, training, or something else. I am impact-oriented and big-thinking in terms of human development, learning progressions, and change management, not “training sessions delivered”. I am results-driven and have operational savvy. I have managed complex operations; have overseen a lot of professional learning, worked in schools and school districts locally and globally. I have been a classroom educator with extensive frontline experience in the busy lived reality of school life. As a corporate professional, I have had all-encompassing executive presence to influence and collaborate with senior level staff internally, in districts and in state agencies.

I believe technology has a meaningful place in how adults learn and develop. I am very passionate about rethinking how education should look for our future graduates. As a change-agent, I know how to get people motivated and focused on a common goal, even when times are tough. I have the competence, experience, grit, and finesse to win trust from busy educators.

I am also able to analyze and present data to determine trends and necessary action steps to meet the needs for a school or a district that seeks effective buy-in for educational technology results.

Our ultimate goal here with instructional technology is to “roll up our sleeves”, get into the details with a voracious appetite as an organizational team and prepare teachers to be effective instructional facilitators and students to be productive citizens that can change the world!

Passion Projects! 

Miami Device:  Design Thinking workshop: “Pitch Perfect: Design Thinking for Personalized Learning” -By utilizing design thinking for a “Pitch Perfect” classroom we can empower educators to personalized learning for themselves and for our students which will prepare them for future careers unknown. This two-hour think-tank workshop will move participants into an entrepreneurial mind-set and to utilize “Pitch Perfect” design thinking to personalize learning for themselves, their students, and colleagues.

Global Planning Team for The XQ Super School Project: #ReThinkHighSchool-This is a challenge to empower all of America to Re-Design high school, transform communities and build schools that inspire new possibilities & deeply prepare our students for the rigorous challenges of college, jobs, and life.

Planning Committee, Web Designer, & Social Media Marketing for Midlands Arts Conservatory Public Charter School: A visionary charter school that is being proposed for the Midlands area of South Carolina. The school will open with a focus on the visual arts, theater, dance and music grades 6-7 and scaling each year to add grades up to 12th.

Co-founder of Cola EdTech MeetUp: Educators, Entrepreneurs, and Software Developers:  “Want to develop software for EdTech? Are you an educator with ideas for software design?Are you an entrepreneur who needs to connect with both?”  Join our members of 125 like minded people who love EdTech and innovation! Learn about how digital content is shaping our lives! 

….USC Technology Incubator, T-Minus 6 Accelerator, StartUp Weekends, & SoCo co-op workspace

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K – 12 Education

Business to Education

Government to Education

K–12 Education

Educator/Instructional Technology Specialist

1992 – 2013

Classroom Teacher

Lexington Intermediate School and Elementary School

  • Taught 5th grade all subjects
  • Crafted my profession utilizing "Big Projects"  with my students to increase levels of engagement
  • Super Ship "Sail-off", Decades of History, How much is a Million are projects my students remember.
  • The most memorable was our oceanography unit that culminated in creating a life size "Blue whale" . By using math skills the students cut polypropylene plastic and used duck tape to create and inflate it for everyone in the school to walk inside to learn. Each student became a docent of knowledge sharing their "Whale of a Tale" stories. (Math, science, social studies and language arts....at it's best!)

Gifted Education Teacher

Lexington Elementary School

  • Taught gifted students  where technology was deeply woven into the curriculum emphasizing research & presentation skills
  • Transformed my teaching practice from analog to digital
  • Units of study: Microbiology, Chemistry, Architecture, Computer Science, Engineering, Thinking Hats, Right/Left Brain Thinking, Gifted vs. Genius & Blooms Taxonomy (HOT)
  • Each unit began with an over arching focus question (inquiry) and a problem to solve which allowed the students to delve into a learning topic. The students had voice and choice on a research topic, learned digital literacy through conducting research, and created a product to share their findings: Web pages, Power Points, Word Posters, Publisher Brochures, Programing robots
  • Rubrics (no grades) were utilized to guide students research, products, &  presentations which clearly defined what they learned
  • We were STEM before STEM was cool!

Technology Integration Specialist


Lexington Elementary School and Lexington High School

  • Developed and facilitated a laptop incentive program
  • Expedited a roll-out plan for implementing handheld technology class sets with 1 to 1 student access
  • Trained reading and math coaches to be more proficient and productive with mobile technology
  • Taught graduate courses on infusing mobile technology into the classroom
  • Utilized ACOT to evaluate level of technology integration in the clssroom

Technology Facilitator, Coach & Trainer


Richland School District One

  • Coordinated and provided support, training, and motivation on integrating technology effectively for 10 schools K-12
  • Developed and facilitated workshops at the district training site on various technology integration techniques and best practices; “New and Emerging Technologies, iOs, Droid, Netbooks, SMARTboards & more”
  • Researched, coordinated and assisted in deployment of iOS mobile technology, specifically iPod Touch and iPads, at 6 of my 10 schools in 3 year period
  • Trained district administrators, principals, & superintendent on using iPhones & iPads as productivity tools
  • Provided training to the IT department on setting up and deploying iPads in the schools using Apple Configurator

Business to Education

Designer, Content Developer, and Director of Professional Development Services

2003 – 2010


Contract Basis: 2006 – 2010

  • Developed curriculum content and sold workshops to the company
  • Created presentations, handouts, and step by step presenter notes
  • Delivered content to over 54 counties in South Carolina on "Technology Leadership" & "Administrative Leadership On Fire!"

VC3, Inc.

Educational Services Coordinator: 2008 – 2009

  • Stimulated business success by recruiting new clients for TestView Software; Data Warehouse & analytics for State Reading Test 
  • Updated company on new technological trends in reading assessment software through research and evaluation
  • Provided guidance for new product development
  • Created training tools: video tutorials, handouts, and presentations
  • Chaired training sessions for new and existing clients

Cynergy, LLC

Director of Educational Services: 2007 – 2008

  • Drove all aspects of training and communication for an educational Media Delivery System
  • Analyzed customer feedback to improve software product, created roll out plans, promotional brochures, various other handouts, and created a Cynergi Blog to promote company educational products
  • Contributed educational expertise on software application training for upper management, empowering individual and new client use

Government to Education

Governmental Educational EVangelist

1992 – Present

Governmental Relations Committee


  • Serve as a parent and as an experienced educator for Lexington School District One task force to drive policy decisions to improve education, 2000-present

Fulbright Scholarship in Germany


  • Selected as part of a US team of educators to teach in Germany, learn about the German educational system, and meet with head officials to debrief on the experiences. My Blog

Textbook Flexibility Bill


  • Networking and creating awareness for the shift of funding to support moving to digital content for 21st century classroom learning


Business to Business

Independent Contractor

2013 – PRESENT

Apple Certified Trainer

  • Provide Apple professional development workshops for United States K-20 school districts and universities through ProUnlimited, Apple Inc.
  • Workshops focus on an instructional approach for teaching & learning utilizing iOS and OS X devices in the classroom: iPads, MacBook integration, iTunes U, iBooks Author, Challenged Based Learning, etc.

iSchool Initiative

  • Educational Consultant & Liaison for SC 
  • Provide world-class content and present professional development workshops incorporating best practices

  • Serve on expert panel for sharing strategies for mobile technology initiatives and one to one deployments

IT-oLogy, LLC

  • Provide workshops for parents, teachers, and higher education on technology connected with careers
  • Train participants how to apply and personalize the use of iBooks Author in their profession
  • Connect Higher Education instructors to iTunes U goldmine of information and teach iTunes U course manager

Agape, Inc.

  • Provide a series of iPad technology workshops for seniors
  • Assist seniors to be tech-savvy digital citizens through learning social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Connect seniors with family members utilizing FaceTime 


2006 – Present

iExplorers Quest, LLC

2006 – Present

  • Founder and CEO of an educational consultancy company that is on a quest to provide services for business, government, school districts and universities in utilizing technology effectively and improve efficiency. View website

Explico, Inc.

2013 – PRESENT

  • Founder and CEO of an educational technology company that has a suite of services that begins with a patent pending evaluation tool to collect data on teacher effectiveness correlated to the level of classroom technology integration. View website

Innovative Projects

Some projects I've worked on

iTunes U Courses

Technology Leadership on Fire!

This course is designed for instructional leaders desiring to utilize technology to impact school improvement, advance student achievement, and enhance the instructional practice.

Catch the iWave: iPad Virtual Content

This course is an online collection of videos to help educators become experts in using iPads in the classroom.

iBooks Author Kids Camp

Using iBooks Author to learn about undiscovered Places

Students form collaborative research teams centered around topics of interest to research, curate content, and present their final products in an interactive book using iBooks Author. Topics included: The Deep Ocean, The Abyss, Planet Mars, Frozen Antartica, and The Amazon Rainforest.

App Happening Meet-up

A "Happening" is an event that brings together a group of experts with a common interest. Our "App Happening"  is about sharing specific Apps and demonstrating how they are used for teaching and learning.

Open Mic format (Planned App sharing/learning time, also!)


Note: "App-Happening" was coined from my love of modern dance and the study of Dance History.

App Blitz

An "App Blitz" is a way to start a "wave" of learning where core groups of educators learn about cool ways to use one specific App cross-curricular and across various disciplines and grade levels. 

My favorite to start with is "Videolicious" because it is easy to use and it makes the learner create a story that must be concise. Digital story telling can be used to teach or share anything!

Note:  "App-Blitz" evolved from my love of football and study of exercise sports. In order to tackle a large group of folks that need to dive into learning about so many apps, this gives you common ground to move forward.

Mobile Technology Conference

Project Management

Organized Lexington School District One’s first and second Mobile Technology Conference attended by 200 administrators, teachers, and superintendents in South Carolina. Focused on the framework for schools and districts to optimize their investments in technology, and appropriate use of instructional technologies to model and reinforce best practices.



Training educators locally, nationally, and internationally in curriculum, technology, and assessment.


Masters of Arts in Teaching

University of South Carolina, 1993

Columbia, South Carolina


Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts: Dance

Columbia College, 1988

Columbia, South Carolina


Additional Training








OS X, iOS, iLife/iWork, Windows/Microsoft Office, Apple Configurator, Interactive Whiteboards, Chrome OS, Edmodo, Moodle, Blackboard, iBooks Author, iTunes U Manager, Dreamweaver/various web design platforms, Adobe Creative Suite, Google apps, Power School, Power Teacher, Destiny, Classroom Mosaic, Camtasia.